When people think of visiting California, they often picture the tan beaches of the south. Or the foggy bay of the north. What the locals know, is there is a sweet spot right in the center of that long, beautiful coastline, that has so much to offer.

All the sun and fun without the traffic and the tourism. Towns instead of big cities. With more coastline than you can imagine, and less folks to share it with. 

Seaside Vacations offers three amazing properties that will fit the bill of anyone who is looking to get away, get some sun and get relaxed! You can fly into major airports, and with only a few hours drive along scenic ocean highways, be at your California dream vacation.

Familys, friends or the smaller apartment for couples or singles - the choice is only a click away, twenty-four/seven.
502 Le Point, Arroyo Grande
Arroyo Grande is a historical village that hosts many activities: The Strawberry Festival, The Harvest Festival, Concerts in the park, Car Shows to name a few. 

There is a history tour that covers sites in the village such as the Swinging Bridge, Oolahan Alley and Hoosgow Park. 

1313 4th Street
Baywood Park
The village shops, antique stores and restaurants are in walking distance. 
The beach is about 3 miles and Lopez Lake is about 8 miles. It’s easy to get to San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach or Morro Bay right off Hwy. 101.
1313 4th Street
Baywood Park
So you don't need a whole house? Well...we can accommodate that as well. 

We have a gorgeous apartment at this location, that is locked off from the rest of the house. OR if you have a BIG group, you can add this extra room for your extra guests!

Want a weekend getaway, but not a huge place to stay - HERE is your answer!
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