Lots of folks talk about "buying local". Well...when we say "local" we mean it! Sean is born and raised right here in Tipp Hill. The Irish Power Hour is a local show that we pay for each week on TK99 and WOUR, out of our own pockets. We support the community that supports us, by holding Celtic music clinics, bringing in top Celtic Rock bands, and sponsoring the local business community. 

With that, we have turned a local show into an international favorite! Our listeners span the globe, form the emerald isle, to an island we can't even pronounce! We are amazed when folks approach us and tell us they are avid listeners. 

Every week we try and figure out how to keep the show on the air. It takes funds, sponsors and folks like you, who want to keep us holding the air waves open for music that doesn't have a window to soar through. Time and time again, the bands we play, contact us and thank us for giving them a voice to the public. 

With fans that listen every week, who follow us on social media, and ache for the next podcast, you as a sponsor have a audience ripe for your product or service. We need business owners, organizations and community members to support our show through advertising. 

Affordable. Taylor Made. Local/International.

Professionaly produced. Either with station voice over or by your two fav DJs. You're choice! 

$35/ 30sec Ad 

6 Month Package:  One 35 sec Ad/wk, on air mentions  $800

1 Year Package: One 35 sec Ad/wk, on air mentions, web ad $1,500 

All on-air advertising is repeated through our weekly podcast, via iTunes, Podbean and Stitcher, with over 25,000 downloads per month

All web ads linked back to clients website

Front Page Banner ad $1,500 /1 Year

Banner Ad $60/mo
Banner Ad 6 Month Package $300 
Banner Ad 1 Year Package $700 

Window Ad  $40/mo
Window Ad 6 Month Package $200
Window Ad 1 Year Package $450

Let us promote your product, event, album or band via our social media advertising program. Take advantage of  3,000 follower and over 100,000, international, podcast downloads. Hit your target audience, right where it counts.

1 week Facebook/Twitter push (includes 5 days of promotions) $50

2 week Facebook/Twitter push (includes 9 days of promotions) $100

1 month Facebook/Twitter push (includeds 3 mentions per week) $250

6 months Facebook/Twitter push (includes 4 mentions per week + on air mention 1/month) $550


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Event Sponsor $500
Our annual IPH Putt & Pint Celtic Rock Party and Golf Tournament is always looking for sponsors. And it's never too early to get in on it. 

Event Banner - $200
Tee Sponsor - $100
Cart Sign - $25 ea cart

We also need donations of raffle items: gift baskets, gift certificates, liquor, trips, merchandise etc.

Banner Sponsors are also available for all our events. Please message us for schedule and fees.